‘Tie in’ your life with your pens!

As a business school students based in New York, I have always been enjoying the fact that I can always wear a tie during lectures or job affairs, and choose almost whatever style I want. And guess what? I have come to realized nickel neckties are inherently an excellent companion of fountain pens

I know for some fountain pen collectors, it is unnecessary and superfluous to mind too much about what you wear. But too often I have found myself in a cumbersome situation when the first thing people will notice from my outfit is the shiny pens I am using, cause I use pens a lot. Since a well-chosen tie can easily add a competitive edge to me again the fancy pens in my hand, while not violating the business school attire, so why not let it ties in from here?

In the following section, I will show you some of the combinations of tie and pen I tried and like during the past year.


TIEINAPENbyFrankUnderwater - 1 (1)
Tie:Tommy Hilfiger | Pen:Delta Vintage

Though lightweight and cheap, the Vintage does have the inspiring spirit same as the flying dragonflies.


TIEINAPENbyFrankUnderwater - 2
Tie:Brooks Brothers | Pen:Quill 18K 

This lemon-themed silk tie seduced me the moment I saw it, and it deserves something not only shiny but also solemn since after all, it is still a foulard.


TIEINAPENbyFrankUnderwater - 3
Tie:Brooks Brothers | Pen:Parker Duofold Mandarin Yellow

A bright yellow exclusive for emperors in imperial China, also a color partly accountable for Parker’s earlier victories over Sheaffer for its embodiment in the Duofold.


TIEINAPENbyFrankUnderwater - 5
Tie:HUGO BOSS | Pen:Parker 51

For a slim tie in a seemly low-profile green, a streamline Parker 51 is the perfect answer to match it, even including its occasional shimmering when the lighting is right.


TIEINAPENbyFrankUnderwater - 6
Tie:Bloomingdale Men’s Store | Pen:Aurora 98

When it needs to be more formal, I will choose the square pattern along with a brushed surface.


TIEINAPENbyFrankUnderwater - 7
Tie:Goldenlion | Pen:Aurora New 88

My first necktie, given by my mother. It is a hard one, though. It perplexed me for quite a long time until I chose the new 88 satin black, with rose gold trim.


TIEINAPENbyFrankUnderwater - 8
Tie:Bloomingdale Men’s Store | Pen:TWSBI Mini AL Blue

My first bow tie. Despite small in space, it is cute and sweet and never falls short of delicacy, just like a TWSBI Mini.


This is a quite short post, hope you have enjoyed all the pictures of my tie-pen combos. May you find your own unique way of matching something else with your fine writing instruments!


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