The Newest Results of Hero’s Knowckoffs: A Waterman and a Mont Blanc

Though I forgot to post it the moment I read the official announcement from Shanghai Hero Pen Factory about their this year’s bombshell, it is still quite necessary for me to add a little note here about how openly it operates its premuim segment as a powerhouse of counterfeits.

These two products were released in June, during the 111th China Stationery Fair in Shanghai.

Shanghai Hero Pen Factory copied the Parker 51 during its early years and got a strange reputation for sustaining the cheap 51-clones, and its high-end lineups had previously copied the design of Italian Pens throughout years. But it is still somehow weired to see it make the replica of some well known models from reputable brands in the year 2017.

A Waterman Exception that somehow gets a Starwalker’s Clip…
HERO’s ‘Heritage 1912’

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