Opus 88’s Eyedropper and the Next Live in You

Opus88_Kolora_Four Color

It is just amazing to see the speed and quality of the new products from emerging pen brands from east Asia.

Early this week, the Koloro line from Opus 88 hit the shelf of the PenChalet, featuring a dedicated eyedropper system, a German #5 nib, and a bodywork consists transparent acrylic and hard rubber in four colors. Unlike other acrylic eyedropper system, the main barrel in this pen could not accommodate a cartridge/converter since a plunger system is integrated. The plunger system, with a long central rod made out of hard rubber, could be used to lock up the ink reservoir during a flight, and according to PenChalet, “allows you to burp the pen if you need to, ” which looks pretty neat and practical.


The company behind the Opus 88 label is Jingji, a Taiwan based fountain pen manufacturer that has been in the pen OEM/ODM business for more than two decades. According to its GM, Ms. Hsu, the Koloro series is one of the company’s first attempts to make a fountain pen with a more affordable price tag and good for day-to-day writing.

PenChalet is currently selling them for $93.00, similar to the pricing in Taiwan.


And as for the brand Live in You, pictures of its newest offerings, a whole range of pocket acrylic pens in 10 different acrylic patterns, have been leaked by one of its employees. Featuring a small clip-less torpedo profile, this unnamed model stands out from other pocket-size pens by its inlaid metal branding. Judged by the leaked pictures, a similar #5 Schmidt unit and K1 converter we have seen in their MiTu series are probably being used. Besides, two of the ten leaked models features an acrylic body in a matte finish, an uncommon design for colored acrylic pens.

We have been seeing a growing existence of products from relatively new brands from East Asia in the past months, and their boldness in formulating the products would hopefully bring some interesting experience to the community.

(Title Photo from Taiwanese Retailer Xiaoping Yaji)

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