A Peek into LAMY’s 2019 Special Editions

I was compiling my December fountain pen newspaper when I came across the following leaks from one of the LAMY resellers on Taobao:

  1. Lamy Aion in Red and Blue
  2. LAMY Studio aquamarine and Lx all black 
  3. LAMY joy red edition with ture, holistic red trim
  4. LAMY Lx “coffee brone”
  5. LAMY AL-star bronze

Although I just noticed the leaks last night, the social media posting of the reseller in concern began as early as Dec 2nd, part of their marketing material leading up to the 12.12 ‘Shopping Holiday’ sale. With over 300+ views and 120 repost on Weibo, the Chinese counterpart of Twitter, there is no reason for us to think we are the first ones to peak into LAMY’s 2019 new year resolution.

As for the products, red and blue Aion are just fantastic when bundled. While the Studio aquamarine is not a bid surprise, the Lx all black version of the Studio has a mind-blowing looks: the clip is black, the section is black, the z52 nib, is also black!

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