Random Thoughts on the Fountain Pen Day 2017

In celebrating the Fountain Pen Day, I want to share with the world some of the pens I am currently using and some other ideas jumped out of my mind when I was taking the picture.

These pens could break into two groups; one is the intrusive fine nib note takers, the other is the stub nib writers used to highlights some keywords or paragraph. I tried to avoid to bring something either too fancy (such as an Aurora 88) or too fragile (such a Stenographer) to my campus recently since I would definitively won’t be able to concentrate on my works without much self-control. Thus, in general, these pens are relatively modest, and affordable so that it won’t hurt if something bad happens.

FPD by Frank - 3
From left: Pilot Prera, Lingmo Lorelei, Lamy Studio
FPD by Frank - 1 (2)
From left: Laban Scepter, Franklin-Christoph Model 02, Kaweco Student

The EF Z55 gold nib in the LAMY is the best western EF nib I have ever encountered; I am currently amazed by it. The Laban Scepter was purchased via the Baltimore show this year, but not until I gave it an F-Ch’s #6 nib could it writes appropriately, which, leaving the Model 02 no factory nib to use but a stub nib from Knox. Accompanying the Model 02 as one of my highlighters is the yellow Kaweco Student, which in my opinion lives up to its moniker, a good Kaweco for students and learners.

If I can turn the clock back to my college time when I was both frustrated by Chinese pens and the hefty price tags of premium western brands, I would certainly go for a LAMY gold nib along with some Kaweco Sport.

In the end, please allow me to make some room for the Pilot and Lingmo. As for the Pilot Prera, I am mourning for its being thoroughly copied by some workshops in Jiangxi Province who are licensed with a Wing Sung brand. Prera is a great pen, but its value proposition is no longer unique, due to the emerging of TWSBI, along with a new generation of Chinese imitators.

Talking about imitator, I have to say that Lorelei is not one of the imitators who copy every aspect of their victims. What its maker, Shanghai Lingmo, did was to combine the best part of entry-level offerings from Sailor and Pilot, and to be fair, the design of Lorelei lines seems to be ever evolving, from last year’s fancy acrylic versions to recent AL versions, which is not a bad signal from a. Needless to say its QC level, which still annihilates other manufactures who followed its path.


Anyway, I hope you can also enjoy the night writing with the tools you like.

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