2017 Pelikan Hub NYC — A Comfy Night Out with the Birds

This year’s Hub is also hosted by the president of the Big Apple Pen Club, Joshua Lax, at the 5th and Mad Bar in Manhattan. Last year’s Pelikan Hub was my first one here, and from there I got familiar with the local pen community here in the New York area.

So this time, after participating several pen shows and many regular meeting of the local community, I am not surprised to see many old faces. Meanwhile, I am happy to see many new faces shown up and getting more and more engaged with this hobby.

Without further due, let’s enjoy my shoots of those lovely birds:

First, a brilliant ink idea from Bart to match a white tortoise:



(I would never thought about a greenish ink… good job!)

Also, a brown tortoise.

Grey Strip. | A M805 Stresemann
Blue Strip. | Josh’s M800, amazing OM nib.
Red Strip | One of Chris‘ Collection


Inky cups!
My M120



A Breath-taking Maki-e, from Eleanor

I happen to know some of the behind-scene stories of Josh’s efforts to negotiating this venue, great thanks to him and other brilliant people behind the deal!

Smoky Quartz Edition Josh



One of the best thing I love Pelikan is that it is not that picky — its focus is not on strictly demanding bring only Pelikan pens to the event, but on shaping a open and free atmosphere for people who are fund of fine writing instruments to meet, to talk, (and try some birds, of course). That’s the reason why I keep on registering for the events and supporting this fans-oriented brand, so, please allow me to show off some other species captured tonight : 
Falcon’s clip looks sharp and right
The red 618 TuSu from Green Wing Sung  |  A LAMY Pacific Blue in the background
J. J. Lax Pen Co.’s Product, precisely made.
A astonishing pen from Live in you, an emerging Chinese brand.
Also from Live in you , several torpedo-shape acrylic pens  | The pink one is an eyedropper
Franklin-Christoph’s Model 31  |  From Gordon
A red Lorelei with this year’s Edelstein Smoky Quartz, a good-looking ink that is also not heavy.






5 Replies to “2017 Pelikan Hub NYC — A Comfy Night Out with the Birds”

  1. Would love to know more about these “Live in you” pens. Have seen a few on Ebay, although only the pocket pen model.


    1. I will get a review of those interesting pens in the upcoming weeks after using it in different occasions, and thanks for your attention!


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