Buy an Android Phone.

Recently I want to buy an Android phone.

I believe in checking a gadget in person before making decision , which means I must say goodbye to some emerging brands from China, such as the Oneplus and Smartisan.

There is a BestBuy near my campus, therefore I paid a visit to there. Before moving, I was assuming I will meet LeEco’s new phones along with its new smart TVs, and some fancy Motos with an un-breakable screen, and of course some Samsung.

However, there turned out to be no LeEco’s products, no real samples of Moto Z. And despite the vivid viewing experience given by Samsung’s AMOLED panels, at least 3 models presented in the store had their model name burned in those screens seriously… Considering that I always keep my screen on all the time when I am using my phone, so…

What took my attention was the Sony’s Xperia XA and XA Ultra.

I haven’t heard about the news of Sony’s phones for decades even as a usual visitor to gadgets-related sites such as the Verge and its Chinese counterparts, nor have I seen Xperia’s commercial recently. But the moment I grabbed the XA, I was shocked by how beautifully it was built—the bezel-less screen with extreme brightness, the slim body in smoke grey and lime yellow, and of course the colorful theme.

Currently I am using two iPhones, and the last time when I tried a non-iOS system I ended up crushing my Nokia Lumia-920, whose using experience is nothing but a nightmare. My anticipation for this new Android phone is it should be suitable for browsing and developing.

After checking the Xperia, I decided to check the counters of cell phone again in case I missed something. Although nothing new was founded above the main counters, I did find a lonely, nondescript standalone counter, located behind one accessory shelf which is already far away from the main counters. The brand of it? Huawei.

I could still remember the thrilling when I was walking toward the Huawei counter. I have heard a lot about how amazing the new Mate 9 is. Some reports claimed that Huawei is planing to launch it in the U.S. in the coming days. But what I got in the end were just 3 old models, one of them was the last Nexus by Huawei, one was the Honor 8, the other one I forgot. The Nexus seems to be too old-fashioned in design, so I gave up.  Then I fund the most insane thing in that day: the demonstration apps running in the 2 Huawei phones were just unable to stop and they kept draining the battery number toward zero (while the phone themselves were still connected to the charging dock by default). Every time I forced the demonstration to shut down, the system swiftly rebooted after telling me “low battery”. The chassis of the Honor 8 was extremely hot due to the unescapable demonstration app, and somehow I even managed to see a Chinese interface when I was trying to capture some screenshots for this insane demonstration app. How could it manage to know my nationality 🙄?

In a nutshell, this tiny Huawei-branded counter really let me down. The clumsy location of the counter, the poor maintenance of the product, and somehow a sense of uncertainty all hindered me from further enquiry.

I ended up in the Sony.

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