About this site.

Hi, I am Frank. I post my stories with my fountain pens here.

Previously, I worked for Uber’s Chinese subsidiary and one design studio in Shanghai. Though my first job it slowly came to me that it is never easy to sustain a promising business, even you are the early adopter. Though the second one, I was quite fortunate to get acknowledged with some brilliant Chinese entrepreneurs in the fountain pen industry.

As an international student in New York, I have been enjoying the pen communities here quite a lot. In the past year, I used this site mainly as a harbor to introduce fantastic American pens to China since a blog can offer full-size photo storage to the internet and I am personally a photo junkie.

Things changed recently during my trip back to China. After several visits back to the major manufacturers and online retailers, it is evident to me that in the following years we can see a blooming of well-designed and crafted Chinese fountain pens. Most note-worthy change is the fact that a group of players in the industry is apparently moving from simply back-engineering and making homage (or knockoff) pens. It is an ongoing narrative, and it amazes me.

As a student, I can’t do too much for now, but I want to report and introduce this trend well to the pen communities in the west. So I will post more articles about my Chinese pens, both vintage and new, and about the inside story of those Chinese pen brands, be it one with legacy or one recently incorporated, and most importantly, feel free to share with me about your opinion over my articles.


8 Replies to “About this site.”

  1. Frank, your latest post about Eason Ji and Live in You says that it is password protected? What password? I am confused as to what password is needed to access the post.

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    1. Oh my, my bad! I was trying to embed a code of Instagram post there and may have accidentally hit the publish button! I have been hanging at the Blatimore show and wouldn’t be aware of this without this comment, thanks a lot!


    2. I took that down just now, and I would finish that post in the coming days! Man, I want to give you a huge thank you hug!

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      1. It’s all your fault Frank. If you didn’t post such interesting and informative articles, I wouldn’t be so fast in opening your posts when I get the email notification. And I wouldn’t care that you password protected something I may want to read.

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    1. Hi, Peter, thank you so much! Shanghai is just great, adding the fact that pen makers are all in Fengxian District.


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